Housing Focused Shelter

Our Approach to Homeless Assistance











Safe sheltering and reliable support services provided with compassion and dignity by experienced staff can make life-changing differences for individuals who have been referred to the Shelter through the Coordinated Entry screening.

Housing Focus is an approach that prioritizes breaking the cycle of homelessness by focusing on any available assistance and intervention that leads to a stable place to live.

We believe that everyone is housing ready and will work to support them in their effort to re-establish independent housing 

These services are offered to individuals who enter Housing-focused Shelter:

Client Services: Clients create and update individualized plans that address their needs and challenges.  Case managers provide information on obtaining identification, accessing financial supports, housing options, and connect clients to other resources in the community.

Counseling:  A therapist is available to meet with clients five nights a week. It is the same provider each night allowing the client to establish a relationship and trust over time. The therapist is also able to provide referrals for additional services through Mental Health Partners.

Medical Care: The Shelter partners with Clinica to offer on-site medical care that meets the basic, acute medical needs of our clients three days per week.

Through Housing-focused Shelter, we strive to help our clients identify and overcome the unique situations that led to their homelessness. We understand that these individuals may have many obstacles to obtaining and maintaining housing and without regard to their background, we choose to work with them in effort to identify a long-term housing solution.

One person at a time we can resolve the crisis of the homelessness in our community.